New ZIFA Technical Director spells out his plan for Zimbabwe football

ZIFA’s new technical director Jethro Hunidzarira has laid down his plan for Zimbabwe football.

Hunidzarira replaced Wilson Mutekede, who was fired from the post in November.

The former Zimbabwe Saints player is a holder of CAF A license and has spent most of his post-playing career working in Botswana.

Speaking at his unveiling on Tuesday, Hunadzarira emphasized more on grassroots football.

He said, as cited by New Zimbabwe: “What we need is a proper grass-root structure where we have leagues from regional then provincial level then going into the national.

“For us to have grassroots we need to have the coaches and these coaches are produced by instructors, so we are going to have an instructor in every Province who will train these junior coaches.

“So there is a need for us to work hand in hand with the Ministry of Sport and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education so that we harness these junior players.

“We are going to have a Memorandum of Understanding with these two strategic Ministries.”

He added that there is a need to have competitive junior football leagues which then makes it easy to have good players.

“We want to have junior leagues from regional level to national level, whilst this happens we will have talent-identifying coaches in each Province to help in scouting good players.

“Our aspiration is to have centres of excellence in each Province where players can gather and compete, let’s say every weekend.

“All those players selected will then go to schools of excellence where we will have most of our talented players learning as they train.

“This will help us to have good junior players which will then help us to build strong national teams.

“We will have our own ZIFA national academy which will have the best players for each age group,” he said.

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