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Action as it happened: COSAFA Cup – Kenya vs Zimbabwe

Follow our live coverage of the 2024 COSAFA Cup, Group B match between Kenya vs Zimbabwe.


Kenya 2-0 Zimbabwe

90′ Two minutes added.

85′ Zimbabwe struggling to get back on their feet.

80′ Benhura tries from a range but the effort goes off target.

72′ Goal!!! Benson Ochieng scores to double Kenya’s lead.

66′ Tapera with a dangerous cross in front of the goal. Banda fails to tap it in, Mushore also fails to reach for it. Good chance wasted.

64′ Free kick to Zim, Murwira takes it but the danger is cleared.

56′ Free kick to Zim on the edge of the box, Banda takes it but the ball hits the wall.

54′ Goal!!! Kenya takes the lead through Austin Odhiambo.

48′ Zimbabwe gets a corner kick, Murwira takes but there’s another corner. The ball comes in and Benhura heads but the keeper makes a save.

46′ Zim Sub: Tapera, Mutudza, Meke replace Mutimbanyoka, Mureremba, Mapuwa.


45+2′ Mureremba with a cross but Benhura heads it over.

45′ Two minutes added.

43′ Mushore with a run into the box. He tries a cut back to Benhura, with the keeper advancing. Kenya defence makes a desperate clearance to concede another corner kick, which finds no takers in the box.

40′ Murwira releases Mapuwa, whose cross-shot goes over the bar.

38′ Mutimbanyoka with a run but is muscled off the ball. Zim gets a corner kick which is headed by Mapuwa.

33′ Play paused to allow medical attention to injured Pitisi.

30′ Kenya with a great interplay to penetrate Zim, but it comes to nothing as the offside flag goes up.

26′ Zimbabwe umder pressure with Banda miscues his clearance. Pitisi moves in to pick the loose ball.

20′ Still a cagey affair so far with few chances created.

17′ Pitisi makes a weak pass to Jalai, who loses the ball. Onyango wuns it and tries a shot from the edge of the box. The effort goes over.

14′ Free kick to Zim in Kenya half, Murwira sends it into the box but the ball is cleared.

10′ Kenya almost punished after a backpass is too strong for the keeper to hold. He makes a desperate clearance.

7′ A slow start to the game with both sides yet to make a meaningful attack.

5′ Cornerkick to Zim, Murwira takes it but Kenya clear the danger.

1′ Kick-off!!!

Kenya XI: B. Omondi, A. Wanjala, S. Owino, A. Omija, G. Onyango, C. Erambo, K. Odhiambo, A. Odhiambo, R. Onyango, H. Beja, B. Ochieng.

Zim XI: R. Pitisi, E. Jalai, F. Banda, G. Murwira (c), M. Hativagoni, R. Hachiro, M. Mushore, K. Mureremba, P. Mutimbanyoka, D. Mapuwa, T. Benhura.

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