Pellegrini apologises for outburst

Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini has issued an apology for his outburst at the referee following their loss to Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League.

maneual pellegriniPellegrini Pellegrini had blamed the referee for not being impartial to both teams”. “The referee decided the game. He was on Barcelona’s side from the beginning until the end.”

But Pellegrini says his comments came as result of frustration “When you lose a game the way we lost against Barcelona, you are frustrated, you are angry.

“Maybe I said some things I didn’t mean, so I apologise for what I said. “Also I want to clarify what I said, I didn’t make any serious accusations to anyone, not to the referee, not to UEFA, not to anyone.

“It is not my way to act to criticise the referee, but in that case it was not a good day and he decided the game – but not with the intention to benefit Barcelona or damage Manchester City.

UEFA are still investigating the matter and are yet to decide wether Pellegrini would be punished for his remarks.

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