Will Bantu Rovers be successful in the premiership?

By Mcebisi Ncube

With the merger between Bantu Rovers and Plumtree Chiefs paving the way for the return of Bantu Rovers to the  top flight we ask if they will manage to survive.

A question whose historical answer in the Zimbabwean Soccer Premiership has been an emphatic  NO!

Will Bantu Rovers survive?
Will Bantu Rovers survive?


With Methembe Ndlovu involved, Bantu Rovers bought the franchise of Eastern Lions in 2009 but were relegated from the PSL the following year.

Zimbabwe Saints also did the same in 2011, buying the Eagles franchise but collapsing in the very first year. Masvingo United, Motor Action and a host of other clubs also did the same, but where are they now?

So money can get you into the premiership but can it keep you there?

Big clubs like Highlanders, Caps United and Dynamos almost always struggle financially but they also almost always fight for the honours.

They have demanding fans who push them and reputations to either protect or salvage and that keeps them going.

Maybe this time Methembe will have a change of fortunes, but then again, why not wait till you qualify into the premiership by merit?

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