ZIFA declares lose after Warriors v Guinea match

ZIFA has declared a loss despite the massive crowd that thronged Rufaro Stadium to watch the Warriors game against Guinea after paying debts and other costs.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw but the bumper crowd and one of the best locally in recent years still left the association in the red.

According to figures released by ZIFA the match grossed $88 542 from the 25 713 spectators who paid to enter but after deductions the association says they recorded a loss of $12 481.

Costs that were accrued included players allowances and appearance fees which cost $22 000 while ZIFA also paid back money borrowed for players air fares and refunded those that had used their own fares.

Other payments went to the City council for use of Rufaro Stadium as well as accommodation of the squad which cost $12 500. The Sports and Recreation Commission also received 6% of the gross revenue.

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