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Cuthbert Dube resigns

Cuthbert Dube has resigned as ZIFA President hours before an extra-ordinary meeting that was likely to seem him face immense pressure and a possible vote of no confidence.

A statement from Dube posted on the official ZIFA website on Friday evening  read:

In the interests of football in Zimbabwe and as a true, tried and tested patriot, I have decided to resign as ZIFA President.

Dube though says he will remain President until the next elections in December

 I shall remain President of ZIFA until elections for a new President are held on 5 December 2015.

The reason for allowing for this transitional period is to ensure that they will not be a vacuum that will exacerbate rather than ameliorate the challenges that the association is facing added Dube .

Dube said he wanted to ensure that there will be a proper and responsible hand-over/takeover process from his leadership

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