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Report: Highlanders money stolen in South Africa

In an incident that is likely to raise questions of how money is handled at one of the biggest club locally Highlanders secretary general Emmet Ndlovu was robbed in South Africa while in possession of some of the clubs’ funds

According to a report in the Chronicle Ndlovu was robbed of more than R25 000 of which R14 500 was money that had been received from Highlanders supporters based in South Africa from the sales of replica jerseys.

Ndlovu told the Chronicle that he had gone to South Africa for medical attention and was robbed while traveling in a Zimbabwean registered vehicle by three armed people who had appeared to be police officers.

Ndlovu said he was happy to be alive and had been traumatised by the incident and indicated he would repay the money.

Highlanders are struggling with huge debts and are are barely making sustainable revenues with the club owing various companies and individuals over $500 000.

Despite a number of remittance services existing between South Africa and Zimbabwe Ndlovu says he opted to get the money and come with it directly as sending money through money the bank would have been a potentially complicated process.

“To wire the money is a process and banks need receipts to show proof of merchandise. “All this is done because externalisation of funds is a serious matter in South Africa, it’s unfortunate I was robbed Ndlovu told the Chronicle.

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