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Zifa does not need a rich President: Bunjira

Caps United legend and administrator Alois Bunjira says Zifa will not need a rich President but rather a good administrator.

This comes hot under heels of reports that flamboyant business mogul Philip Chiyangwa is willing to contest for the bigest football office in the country.

The office has become vacant after the ZIFA council fired Dr Cuthbert Dube from office.

Bunjira took it to his interactive facebook page and suggested that Zifa needa a good admin than just a mega rich businesman.

“ZIFA doesnt need a rich person to take over as president.Yes being connected is good but it is not that much important.

“All the president needs is to create a good ZIFA brand and make it attractive. He doesnt need his own money to do that.It is not about friendships but about Business.And Business people know that” said Bunjira

“ZIFA needs a good administrator with a great football background,who commands respect in and outside of Zimbabwe because of integrity and a great history of honesty and clean business dealings…..ZIFA in fact;needs a person who has a plan to deal with the debt and then make the association rich.” He added

“That person must never come with an economy excuse because he would be getting in there already knowing rhe economy issues.The perception that a rich person will help is the worst perception ever.

“They never pump any of their money into ZIFA but in fact they take from ZIFA.Contrary to popular belief amongst Zimbabweans,even in the harsh economic environment,the grants that ZIFA receives from FIFA can be enough to run the association if things are done properly without corruption, parasites and people looting.

“The business practice from within of inflating prices of anything and then getting kickbacks is crippling the association.The corrupt people around ZIFA have created a perception that it is costly to run ZIFA.

“They want people to believe that the economy is to blame,yet there is constant income from FIFA and they all benefit bogusly ,one way or the other.Have you ever asked yourselves this question..;” Bunjira said.

He went on to say if ZIFA really did not generate revenue then Cuthbert Dube wouldnt have hung on.

“If the economy is that bad,and all the stories of Cuthbert Dube losing his properties and money,why did he want to hang on? Why are there people now fighting to take over when they know Cuthbert Dube lost cash and property?”

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