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Chiyangwa told to stay away from football by fans

Local football fans have given their opinion regarding flamboyant businessman Philip Chiyangwa’s possible interest ZIFA Presidency.

Most fans seem to against the idea of Chiyangwa being a ZIFA President stating that such a decision could be a step in the wrong direction.

ZIFA are set to hold elections after Cuthbert Dube was fired from his post by the ZIFA council. Chiyangwa had reportedly been approached to participate in the elections and admitted he was considering it.

However most fans believe the businessman/politician should stay far from the game

Some reactions of fans posted on our Facebook page how much people were generally against the idea

Kennedy Zimbizi :We want someone who has played soccer before.There is nothing wrong with him having the ambition but he is not the right candidate.He has to leave politics first.

Sibangani KaNcube :This is soccer ,we need people with soccer background. We need somebody who is approachable. Avoid political dinosaurs. Never give these dirty minds chance to stain our Beautiful game. Once again we are luckly given another opportunity to correct our Football ,lets avoid mistake s

Someone with football background must take over. Avoid this flaboyant thing. Tochemazve very soon.

Hilary Henriette Lindsay :a very big no ! Dube is a businessman and he failed miserably ! what do these businessmen want with Zimbabwean football? if not in their foolish pride of life they seek to add to their own glory, find some-one who has a heart for football, then, at least you will have some-one whose main interest is in the up-liftment of our beloved game. else it would be like jumping out of the frying pan right into the fire.

Thabang Ransay Mposah: A big NO!!! Not another thief.. fomer players please who understand the game…… Peter.. Grobbellar or Sunday evn Mabika is better. Evn this former Caps guy…… Bunjira please.

A few though believed Chiyangwa would be an ideal candidate

We need politians to lead ZIFA cz vanogona ku sourcer finance kwete vana Mabika-football is business kwete zvevanhu vanonguuya nemiromo as if vari kuenda kuChoir..said one fan

Vin Sherps Duzuma of course is right bcz Chiyangwa is already rich he don’t care about nezvimari zve ZiFa sana CashBert Dude

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