Opinion: Few brains, more work

A cross section of Soccer fans have ridiculed the government’s plan to appeal Warriors’ World Cup ban.

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New Minister of Sports and recreation Makhosini Hlongwane reiterated the government’s desire to appeal the Warriors 2018 World Cup ban.

Zimbabwe were banned from the World Cup qualifiers after failing to pay a debt owed to former head coach Valinhos .The debt is believed to be around $60 000.

Fans feel the move is ill advised considering the first of the qualifiers have already been played.

One fan Trymore Muhlanga took to our facebook page and gave an insightful view, one our soccer administrators can look and consider in their deliberations

“The WorryUs were banned because ZIFA has failed to pay Valinhos his dues. Rather than simply pay Valinhos, which Govt could’ve done long ago & avoid the ban anyway, Govt. now wants to send a delegation to Zurich to appeal against the ban. The costs associated with sending the delegation outweigh the costs of paying off Valinhos… Rather like hiring a cab, paying $5, to go home & collect $2.” Trymores said.

He added that, “Oh, & by the way, it’s an exercise in futility: FIFA won’t have none of it… Aren’t the qualifiers already underway? Another thing, what does FIFA say about “Government Interference/Involvement In Soccer”? Shouldn’t ZIFA be appealing (oh sorry, forgot that there’s no more ZIFA, zifa rakafa frown emoticon )… Kikikik, so football is really different from the corporate world, coz i’d have expected ZIFA to approach COSAFA, who would approach CAF, & CAF would take it up with FIFA, but then, this is football…. It’s not corporate business. Neither is it politics, come to that”

Food for thought, What do you think of the Government’s plan to send an entourage to appeal Warriors ban?

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