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ZIFA House up for auction as financial woes continue

ZIFA’s problems are set to continue with one of their properties, the ZIFA headquarters located at 53 Livingstone Avenue in Harare set to be auctioned to pay off a debt.

The debt understood to be $90 306 is owed to LED Travel and Tours which is owned by former ZIFA Board Member – Finance and Businessman, Bernard Gwarada.

An advert of the auction has already been put in the press by Southbay Real Estate.The auction has been scheduled for the 23rd of October.

Despite the ouster Cuthbert Dube the association remains crippled in debt. The Warriors were left out of the current World Cup qualifiers due to a debt owed to former head coach Valinhos.

ZIFA are understood to be making frantic efforts to save the property by trying to block the the auction but are running out of time.

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