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Benjani picks up his ZIFA election papers

Former Warriors striker Benjani Mwaruwari took a big step in his bid to enter local football administration when he picked up his papers yesterday for the upcoming ZIFA elections.

Benjani is understood to have picked up both the presidential and vice president post papers.However because of an age restriction of 40 years for the presidential election Benjani will likely go for the vice presidential post

The deadline for interested candidates is Thursday 5 November a month after the elections are set to be held . Benjani said he would only shed light on which post he would be running for and his plans tomorrow (Thursday).

Benjani’s interest has been warmly received by local fans who believe his involvement in the local game would ultimately lead to up to progress unlike candidates who don’t have a rich involvement in the local game. Though  others have questioned whether he is ready for football administration arguing that being a former player does not translate to being a good administrator.

Benjani has received the backing of current players like Archford Gutu and Bradley Pritchard who have gone public in their support of his bid via social media.

Meanwhile other individuals that have picked up papers for ZIFA positions include Paddington Japajapa, Lincoln Mutasa, Shariff Mussa and Edzai Kasinauyo.

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