Government to punish doping and match fixing

The ministry of Sports and Recreation says it is working to introduce legislation that will punish doping and match fixing.

This follows The Sport and Recreation Commission inquiry into the state of football in Zimbabwe.

In a statement the Ministry of Sports and Recreation said:

‘Government has noted with great concern the lack of accountability, non-compliance and lack of good governance characterising the football architecture in Zimbabwe.

The ministry of Sport and Recreation envisages an environment where match fixing, Doping as well as other malpractices should be punishable by law in order to ensure the integrity of Sport Movement in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe was hit with a serious match fixing scandal a few years ago which exposed wide spread corruption and implicated a number of players and administrators.

The ‘Asiagate’ scandal though was never really fully concluded by the then Cuthbert Dube lead ZIFA administration.

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