ZIFA Election: Juul resubmits form as Dube pulls out

Elkanah Dube has pulled out of ZIFA Elections saying he does not command the support of the Southern Region where he comes from.

Dube had been set to contest the ZIFA vice president position and would go against Lincoln Mutasa and Omega Sibanda.

Dube had already been cleared to contest by the committee after filing his papers last week and paying the $1500 required fee.

Part of a statement by the former Highlanders chairman read:

I don’t command any backing from the Southern Region councillors in my constituency. Admittedly, this would create administrative challenges for both myself and the councillors if I were to win in the elections.

Consequently, I reckon it is prudent from to me to withdraw from the race and lend my support to presidential, vice president and board candidates that have the backing of Southern Region councillors.
Meanwhile ZIFA president hopeful Trevor Carlse-Juul resubmitted his forms yesterday.

Juul had some missing documents last week such a fingerprints and proof that he had been resident in Zimbabwe for the past five years.
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