Mubaiwa speaks on ZIFA elections

Dynamos president Kenny Mubaiwa has given his thoughts on the upcoming ZIFA presidency.

Mubaiwa believes that what is needed is someone with football at heart not someone with money in an apparent reference to one of the candidates Philip Chiyangwa.

He also warned of repeating mistakes that have been made in the past.

“We were saying Dube is not the right person because he does not know much football he told Star FM in an interview this week.

“It seems we are going back to the same thing, like we trying to solve a problem with a problem .I think we need to think seriously when it comes to the ZIFA presidency .

“We need someone who is going to help our soccer to grow, our soccer as you can see is in a mess. “We need to be careful on who we are going to elect.

“The other councillors are looking for someone who has money to run ZIFA ,it’s not what we are looking for .We are looking for someone who is able to run football in a professional manner not using money.

Chiyangwa,Trevor Carlese Juul,James Takavada and Leslie Gwindi are set to battle it out on the 5th of December for the presidency.

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