FIFA considering increasing number of teams at World Cup

World football governing body FIFA are considering increasing the number of teams at the World Cup to 40 teams from the current 32.

Increasing the number of teams is one of a number of reforms that have been tabled and approved for consideration by the FIFA Reform Committee.

Other reforms include:

-A maximum term limits of three terms of four years for the FIFA President as well as all members of the FIFA Council.

-Promotion of women as an explicit statutory objective of FIFA to create a more diverse decision-making environment and culture.

-Compulsory and comprehensive integrity checks for all members of FIFA’s standing committees, conducted by an independent FIFA review committee.

According to FIFA the proposal pave the way for significant and much-needed changes to FIFA’s governance structure.

The recommendations will be put before the Congress as proposed statutory changes for approval at its extraordinary session in Zurich on 26 February.

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