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Trevor Juul says ZIFA elections was a farce

ZIFA Presidential candidate who lost in the just ended Presidential elections Trevor Juul has termed the just ended elections a farce.

Juul who appeared to be the fans favourite was beaten by Philip Chiyangwa to the football biggest office in the country.

On his facebook page Juul pointed out irregularities in the run up to the elections and also suggested the chaos that have marked the start of the reign of Chiyangwa is evidence to a flawed system

Here is the full text of Juul’s statement:

Hi all the Football loving public and supporters, it is a week now since we witnessed the disappointing outcome of what many considered a farce of an election.

Before the election we wrote through our lawyers to Zifa, the electoral committee and copied the SRC, the minister of Sport and FIFA, pointing out the many irregularities that went against both Zifa and FIFA statutes.

To Date we have not heard a word and it appears that the elections were endorsed by the electron committee on the day.
There is a period by which the committee should deal with complaints and we await their response.

What we are now witnessing with internal fighting and the move to remove the PSL Chairman and Womans Chairperson, can’t be good for our football.

We are very concerned about the present state of the game and the apparent witch hunt going on.

The incoming President did offer to work with us going forward and no doubt many have seen the video where he rushed over to offer a hand of reconciliation.
In his excitement he slipped and was about to fall on his face when I stepped forward and saved him.
I took the opportunity to let everyone know I had saved him and wished him well.

I believe it is important to work together and unite football in Zimbabwe if our football is to recover.
I do commend Philip for his efforts and gesture, but have heard noting more from him.

I am presently in Europe at the moment and many are asking me to take the matter up with Fifa in Switzerland.
There were many questions asked about who paid the hotel and food bill for the forty councillors who stayed at the Monamotapa Hotel.
Oddly enough it was forty votes that secured the Presidency of Zifa.

At this stage my mind is open and we await a response and consider just how the Zifa president will follow up his offer to work with us, or was this just a baseless gesture.
I trust not!

I am interested in hearing what the football loving public and the thousands that supported me have to say about this.

I look forward to hearing from you the football public.

We trust in the Lord who works for the good in all things according to his purpose.

God bless

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