ZIFA explains why they fired Pasuwa and his technical team

ZIFA have tried to explain their decision to fire Callisto Pasuwa as the Warriors head coach claiming that Pasuwa and his agent had a conflict of interest that was compromising the squad.

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Acting ZIFA president Omega Sibanda fired Pasuwa and his entire technical team yesterday and replaced him with Chicken Inn head coach Joey Antipas , however Antipas rejected the offer causing further chaos.

Sibanda is in charge of the association while Philip Chiyangwa who is away.

Pasuwa’s affairs are managed by player agent Gibson Mahachi.Mahachi also manages a number of local players in the national team including Knox Mutizwa, Tatenda Mukuruva and Brian Muzondiwa.

Speaking at a press conference today acting ZIFA president Omega Sibanda a former agent himself said, “The issue is integrity and professionalism in our setup. “We have proved there is rot in the coaching structures, the management of the players and the coach.

“We want to get rid of the rot now as we start.

However sources close to Pasuwa say ZIFA had tried to impose technical members and players on and his refusal lead to a fall out with ZIFA.

Sibanda explained that they decided to put in Wellington Mapandare as the acting team manager as they felt Pasuwa had been spending a lot of time carrying out team manager duties. Sibanda also said Pasuwa had complained about working with Sheriff Musa in passing.

“As Zifa we give your the coaches to work with we may ask you who you want to work with but we decided said Sibanda

ZIFA though have been slammed by players and the media for the decision they have made weeks before the Warriors are set to play in CHAN 2016 in Rwanda. The tournament is only weeks away and the latest events have hampered preparations that were already behind.

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