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Pasuwa wants to repay fans for their support

Warriors head coach Callisto Pasuwa says he is keen to repay the faith fans have had in him by doing well at CHAN 2016.

Pasuwa was fired by ZIFA last week only to be reinstated after a massive outcry from fans and the football fraternity as a whole.

Pasuwa admits he was moved by the reaction and wants to give back to them. “I am happy to go into the CHAN tournament and produce results. I received support from the fans and I feel I have to give them something back said Pasuwa.

Pasuwa will reunite with his squad after Christmas to prepare for the tournament that gets underway on the 16th of January.

Zimbabwe impressed at the last tournament under Ian Gorowa when they reached the semi-finals and will be keen to go even further this time around.

Zimbabwe are in Group D alongside Zambia, Mali and Uganda.

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