CAPS United fined for fans behaviour

The Premier Soccer League has fined CAPS United for their fans behaviour during the Netone semi-final against Chicken Inn.

CAPS United fans threw missiles after a number of decisions did not go their way during the game leading to lengthily stoppages and eventually the match was abandoned. Chicken Inn were leading 3-0 when the match was abandoned.

The ugly scenes were a bad advertisement to the league with the match being screened live on Supersport.

The clubs were charged by the PSL disciplinary committee for Failing to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion as well as behaving in a manner which brought the league and its sponsors into disrepute and endangers the welfare of the league.

CAPS United pleaded guilty to all the charges and have been handed a $3500 fine of which $500 is suspended on condition the club does not commit a similar offence during the 2016league season. Caps United have been given until the 31st of January to appeal the fine.

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