Chicken Inn have written to ZIFA to have Thomas Masaa suspended from handling an local games until he is investigated.

Chicken Inn were furious with Masaa’s officiating during their 1-0 loss to FC Platinum. Masaa seemed to deny Chicken Inn two penalties during the game.

ZIFA vice president Omega Sibanda witnessed the game and expressed concern with the officiating saying the association would take action to stop local games from being decided by official.

In a letter to ZIFA seen by Newsday , Chicken Inn secretary Tavengwa Hara wrote:

Our complaint is on our match against FC Platinum on July 23 2016 at White City Stadium in Bulawayo officiated by Thomas Masaa from Midlands. First and foremost, is that the concerned referee be suspended from being appointed to handle any Zifa-sanctioned match, pending investigations, if ever there is need to have such an investigation since what he did does not warrant any investigation, but a ban. What he did is not inept refereeing, but someone who was on a mission, who did actions disregarding the laws of the game in order to achieve his mission. He was biased against our team and clearly favoured the team from his home province.

ZIFA are yet to respond to the matter.