Alois Bunjira has resigned from his position as CAPS United Board Member Marketing. The former CAPS United forward had been ushered into the club executive earlier in the year as part of a new board.

A statement from Bunjira read:

“Good morning friends.Before we start hearing wrong information, let me take this opportunity to let you know that I have resigned from my position as Board Member Marketing at CAPS United.I resigned so that I can pursue my passion of coaching, run my Albun Soccer Academy and other endeavours.

I have had a great time at CAPS United but I feel for now I am more at home on the playing field than in the office .Maybe I will consider administration again in the near future,but for now I want to concentrate on my coaching and hope to groom a lot of good players from my Academy and Zimbabwe in general.I remain a passionate member of the CAPS United family.I had a great working relationship with the shareholders and the Board.The great relationship remains and I know together they will steer the club to great heights.It is just a matter of time.

I truly enjoyed my time in the CAPS United board.I would like to thank the Shareholders of the club for affording me the opportunity to work at the club.It was such a great experience and I also got to meet and make new friends.I would also want to thank the club fans for always supporting me.The fans have been great to me even during my playing days at the club.I hope they continue supporting me in everything that they do.The team is in a great position to win the league this season and I wish my great friend Lloyd Chitembwe and everyone at the club all the best.I will still be available whenever I am needed to help here and there.I remain Green!”