Why Musona’s gambling case is serious and the damage it can cause

The reports from Belgium that Warriors striker Knowledge Musona is implicated in a gambling scandal have stunned many.

Its understandable Musona is a Warriors star player and has been in prolific form in Belgium for KV Oostende.

                                                     A Belgium publication reporting on gambling scandal


What has been reported so far:

-Musona named as one of five or six players in the gambling scandal

-Musona admitting to the betting on matches involved

-Investigations completed but judgement not yet out

Soccer24 looks at why this is a serious case

Illegal practice

Betting itself is legal. Betting firms are licensed by Gambling board’s in the particular country’s they operate.

However players betting on matches they are involved in or the league they play is in an illegal practice that is prohibited. Players in European leagues are usually required to sign documentation agreeing not to do this. If Musona did in fact bet on matches he played what he did is illegal. Possible sanctions could be a fine, suspension or even criminal charges in some cases.A number of high profiles players have had similar cases among then Manchester City’s Martin Demichelis.

Tarnishing of image

Musona has had an impressive season for KV Oostende following up on another very good season however this case could badly affect his career. Many have backed Musona to move to an even better league. However as case such as this could either put a dent on his CV or possibly repel potential suitors.

The match fixing connection

Betting on matches a player is involved in presents an obvious conflict of interest. Though there is no evidence Musona was match fixing such suspicions are raised in such cases. To make matters worse Zimbabwe’s colourful history with match fixing that include the infamous Asiagate scandal and lately the Limpopo gate could could easily prejudice Musona.

With investigations completed in Belgium the exact consequences that Musona will face should be out soon and both the Belgian Gambling Commission and the Belgian league are expected to rule on the matter.

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