Cosmas Zulu started the commotion at Ascot claim Chapungu

Chapungu have given their own version of the skirmishes that followed their 1-0 loss to Highlanders in a Castle Lager premiership encounter at Ascot stadium.

Philip Marufu allegedly beat up Highlanders officials and players but the club say it wasHighlanders technical adviser Cosmos Zulu that started the commotion

Zulu in alleged to have hit Chapungu defender William Ngonya with a chair on the head as he was making his way to the dressing room.

In retaliation Chapungu captain Phillip Marufu is said to have then grabbed the same chair but missed Zulu and the chair landed on another Highlanders official Mgcini Sibanda who sustained a cut on the forehead

Highlanders officials would have none of it and demanded the immediate arrest of Marufu by police details who were came to provide security at the venue.

However, the situation was only saved by Highlanders coach Erol Akbay who urged his team to bury the hatchet.

“Come on, the good thing is we won the match so let’s leave this behind us and go. This are distractions which would not take us anywhere,” Akbay was heard addressing the Bosso technical team and players.

Contacted for comment Ngonya accused Zulu of fanning hostilities. “I am surprised that Zulu is acting like a saint while he is the one who started all the mess when he hit me with a chair on my head when I was making my way into the dressing room,” he said.

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