Warriors move three places on FIFA Rankings

The Warriors are now ranked  110th in the World according to the latest FIFA Rankings released today.

The national team was not in action during the last international matches window or the 2018 World Cup qualifiers unlike other African nations.

Interestingly Zimbabwe’s opponents at AFCON 2017 are now ranked 2nd ,3rd and 4th best on the continent.

Senegal is now in second spot while Algeria and Tunisia are in 4th place.

Top 10 in Africa

1. Ivory Coast (2) Senegal (3) Algeria (4)Tunisia (5) Ghana (6)Egypt (7) Congo DR (8)Congo  (9) Mali (10) Cameroon

Top 10 in the World

1.Argentina 2. Germany 3. Brazil 4. Belgium 5. Colombia 6. Chile 7. France 8. Portugal 9. Uruguay 10. Spain