The Premier Soccer league is set to have 18 teams next year as a compromise for the relegation/promotion contentious issue.

The number of teams to be relegated had led to clashes between ZIFA and the PSL. ZIFA had changed an initial agreement to relegate only two teams and was keen to fall back to the previous arrangement of relegating four clubs like in previous seasons.

PSL however wanted the agreement to relegate two teams and promoted another two from after Division One play off’s to stand.

The disagreements lead to suspensions from ZIFA while the PSL clubs filed an application with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

However at the weekend ZIFA and PSL seem to have found each other and work to resolve their difference by setting up a committee to resolve the issue once and for all.

The committee is understood to have gone for a win-win situation where all Division One teams will be promoted while only two teams Border Striker and Mutare City are relegated.

Black Rhinos, Bantu Rovers, Yaddah FC and Shabanie Mine will then be part of the PSL for the 2017 season in that arrangement

An official announcement on the final position is expected this week.