The government through the Sports and Recreation minister Makhosini Hlongwane has slammed the current promotion/relegation wrangle between the PSL and ZIFA.

Addressing a press conference Hlongwane said The Ministry of Sport and Recreation wishes to inform the nation that the events unfolding within the football sector in general and its administration in particular are of concern to the government.

Hlongwane also criticised ZIFA’s timing of suddenly changing the number of teams to be relegated.

“We deplore, in the strongest terms possible the culture of taking hasty decisions that seemed to be informed by expediency rather than rational thought fullness continued Hlongwane.

“To say two games before the end of the season you change the template completely and had a whole year of planning by clubs, shareholders, investors and so on, does not inspire confidence in us in terms of decision-making processes at the level of football authorities in the country.

Hlongwane criticised the number of suspensions ZIFA had made says they were not only to many but in certain instances most had not be informed by rational thought.

The ministry urged ZIFA to stop politicking, ZIFA is not a political organisation, it’s a football administration authority and we want football leadership in the country to be cautious in terms of how they arrive at these decisions added Hlongwane.