ZIFA has revealed plans to finally start one National First Division League next year.

The provision for formation of the league is already covered in the ZIFA constitution but had not been implemented for various reasons due to mainly a lack of resources.

However with the current impasse between the PSL and ZIFA over the relegation/promotion issues ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa wants to push for the implementation of the league.

“Why I would want the First Division league to be there is because right now you can see the conversations that we are currently engaged in; it will not have been necessary because that league would have produced the champions known to everybody who should be promoted said Chiyangwa.

The winner of the National First Division league will gain promotion into the PSL while play offs will determine the other team to be promoted.

With four Division One league currently in place it remains to be seen how ZIFA will integrate teams into one division.

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