Two giants of African football will meet in the Cup of Nations on Sunday night, with both sides hoping to reclaim what they feel is their rightful place at the top of the continent’s game.

Egypt, the tournament’s most successful ever team, are into the final for the first time since their hat-trick of victories between 2006 and 2010 – since then they haven’t managed even to qualify for the tournament, so their re-emergence has been something of a shock.

The two teams have met 25 times before, with the Egyptian Pharaohs leading the head to head. Egypt have won 13 of the matches while Cameroon has picked up just 5 victories with 7 of the games ending in draws.

Egypt has scored 32 goals past Cameroon while The Indomitable Lions have managed to notch 18 goals.

Matches list:

23/02/1983: Cameroon 2-0 Egypt (friendly)
26/02/1983: Cameroon 1-1 Egypt (friendly)
29/05/1983: Egypt 4-0 Cameroon (friendly)
04/03/1984: Egypt 1-0 Cameroon (Africa Cup of Nations)
03/07/1984: Egypt 2-1 Cameroon (friendly)
03/02/1985: Cameroon 1-0 Egypt (friendly)
06/02/1985: Cameroon 0-0 Egypt (friendly)
29/03/1985: Egypt 2-0 Cameroon (friendly)
31/03/1985: Egypt 2-1 Cameroon (friendly)
21/03/1986: Egypt 0-0 (5-4pen) Cameroon (Africa Cup of Nations)
09/08/1987: Egypt 1-1 (4-3pen) Cameroon (All Africa Games)
14/03/1988: Egypt 0-1 Cameroon (Africa Cup of Nations)
19/07/1992: Cameroon 0-1 Egypt (friendly)
22/07/1992: Cameroon 0-1 Egypt (friendly)
16/03/1994: Egypt 0-0 Cameroon (friendly)
18/01/1996: Egypt 1-2 Cameroon (Africa Cup of Nations)
22/12/1997: Egypt 2-0 Cameroon (friendly)
04/02/2002: Egypt 0-1 Cameroon (Africa Cup of Nations)
03/02/2004: Cameroon 0-0 Egypt (Africa Cup of Nations)
05/09/2004: Egypt 3-2 Cameroon (Africa Cup of Nations & World Cup qualifiers)
09/10/2005: Cameroon 1-1 Egypt (Africa Cup of Nations & World Cup qualifiers)
22/01/2008: Egypt 4-2 Cameroon (Africa Cup of Nations)
10/02/2008: Egypt 1-0 Cameroon (Africa Cup of Nations)
25/01/2010: Egypt 3-1 Cameroon (Africa Cup of Nations)
20/05/2012: Egypt 2-1 Cameroon (friendly)