Opinion: Why CAPS United need the correct dose of motivation

CAPS United still hope to achieve their initial goals of reaching the mini league in the CAF Champions League. Contrary to popular critical phenomena, the dream can be realised. It’s not thinking outside the box. CAPS United must realise there is no box at all.

Any implication that there are virtual boxes ahead of T.P Mazembe clash is pre-determinately detrimental to CAPS United’s hopes of achieving what is not so impossible.

The key is motivation, plus motivation and add one more thing, motivation.

CAPS United have no new skill to muster. There is no brand new tactic, or extra-terrestrial technique, that will work in time for the clash on Sunday.

CAPS United stubbornly need to build a mentality of victory based on their achievements in the two matches they played against Lesotho champions, Lioli FC.

The players would know how to set the sail against the five-time winners of the CAF champions league.

“We are hoping to do better and we are prepared for it. We just want to make a mark like I said earlier on in the champions league. So we are hoping to do better come Sunday.

“Like what my other colleagues were saying, the focus is on the determination and the desire to win on Sunday, that’s all,” said CAPS United captain, Moses Muchenje, addressing journalists at a recent press conference.

The sole ingredient in overcoming this sort of hurdle is motivation. The desire! The determination! They should invest more time in this area. In pep talks! And in man-management! That is the psychology of big tasks.

If T.P Mazembe end up winning, it is also likely not down to wholesale tactical affluence. It will likely be down to subconscious psychological realities.

The fact that T.P Mazembe are five time champions likely scores several goals for them before the match kicks-off.  Similarly, the fact that lowly CAPS United are in the champions league for the first time in over a decade likely reduces expectations of victory in their minds.

Largely, it is a battle of two psychologies than it is of tactics.



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