Are you a talented player who believes they have what it takes to play professionally or are you are looking for a chance to be noticed ,then read on!

Thanks to technological advancements and a more connected showcasing your talent to the world could be a click away.

That is exactly what a UK based startup Scout Me Online can do for you and kick start you professional football career.

Scout Me Online is a platform that gives scouts, agents, coaches and clubs the chance to view clips uploaded by players online.

The platform available online, gives players the chance to showcase their ability to scouts, clubs, agents and coaches around the world.

In addition Scout Me Online can helps clubs with relatively small budgets that may not have scouting networks and resources to find players.

Using Scout Me Online is simple and straightforward. A player simply goes onto the website creates a profile, something like CV and then attaches your Youtube videos using .There is a filter system, which allows scouts, coaches and agents to view players depending on exactly what they’re looking be it  position, age, height, weight and other speficiations

Do you think you have what it takes, try our Scout Me Online and showcase your talent you could just be the next football star! Sign up Here



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