Opinion: What Norman Mapeza should realize earlier

FC Platinum is the Castle Lager Premier League’s deary, darling river, not by substantiation, but by curiosity.

Curiosity likely gathers crowds around the Mandava side more than forgone conclusions. Whenever FC Platinum play, this strong ‘runners up’ ambience is felt that is more virile than the fame; and the money. Stronger still, than their resolve.

In the hotly contested premier league season this year, to see the Norman Mapeza side being overrun left, right and centre by premier league freshmen, Black Rhinos, and to be quickened at the mercy of Rhinos’ half a dozen missed chances, may nothing but plead the feared notion that perhaps FC Platinum may be destined to be unavailing again this year.

Although it’s early to draw conclusions, the signs may not be good for the strongest squad on paper. And perhaps for a supposedly successful premiership title hunting side with a feared manager, 2016 premier league runners up may have already begun drawing with all the wrong teams this year.

Although FC Platinum, with arguably the most expensive squad in the premier league, got off to a flying start beating former premier league champions Dynamos 1-0 on the first day of the 2017 Castle Lager Premiership and beating Bantu Rovers 3-2 in the following match, following that have been three consecutive dissatisfactory draws.

A draw at Bulawayo City, another draw at home against Triangle in April and the latest against Black Rhinos. And to be fair, paradoxically, FC Platinum technically ‘lost’ in their last ‘draw.’

Rhinos could have buried half a dozen goals past Platinum in the first half alone. And by his novice standards, even to an immaterial Stix Mutizwa, it was rocket science how the two teams had arrived at the goalless draw.

Even more indicting, for Mutizwa, is not the essence of the draw, but failing to punish the dire manner in which his visitors had initially and mostly set about themselves during the meeting. And what Mapeza should begin to push early enough are justifiable performances which aim only at the last possible result. To win, to draw or to lose, the right way.

Or perhaps FC Platinum are indeed unavailing again this year. But it’s unsound how the premier league runners up may not be following up on their vicious momentum of last year! Quite astonishing how the ‘monied-up’ pool of players is not yielding results when it matters. And how surprising some prolific players from yesteryear, such as Bret Amidu, already have become ineffectual, constantly and consistently making the bench, even in the small ties.

How the heavily investing Mandava side may, again, have failed to realise any meaningful return on investment before risking to lose several gems.

If FC Platinum, one of the richest clubs in the country, do not turn around that kind of display at Black Rhinos, they will be fortunate to even be runners up again this year. And Mapeza may begin to look the excess baggage.



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