The Confederation of African Football (CAF) is contemplating on moving the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament from the month of January to the months of June or July.

The changes are reportedly topping the agenda during a two-day symposium being held in Morocco, with CAF president, Ahmad Ahmad, revealing discussions over a possible reshuffle of the tournament setup.

“That is the first thing to talk about – we can’t get away from it,” Ahmad said at the opening day of the symposium.

A record number of African players based in Europe failed to report for AFCON early this year due to the difference in playing seasons between the continents.

“Africa has its particularities, like the great distances our clubs have to travel,” Ahmad added, directly addressing a regular club-versus-country row between African countries and clubs in Europe.

It has also been reportedly suggested that the AFCON tournament could be held every four years as opposed to every two, though this is considered less likely at this stage, while previous claims that climatic conditions would render a summer tournament impossible have been refuted, with both national teams and domestic clubs in Africa already playing in June.

Among other suggestions, Africa’s football governing body is also reportedly contemplating on increasing the number of teams which qualify for the AFCON tournament from 16 to 24.