Kalisto Pasuwa hopes to learn more about international football from the Chelsea FC coaches who are in the country for the Shield-Chelsea talent search program.

Pasuwa is one of the four local mentors who conducted the trials which saw over 2000 trialists taking part. Thirty-five players made it to the final list and went for a week-long boot camp. Only one winner will be picked after a two-day assessment by the visiting coaches.

Speaking to the reporters on Wednesday, the former Warriors gaffer said he wants to use the opportunity to acquire more football knowledge from Laurence Griffin, Steve O’Reilly and Freddie Myers who arrived in the country yesterday.

“I am happy today we are meeting the Chelsea coaches.

“It’s not only the players who are ‘downloading’ (learning new ideas) but we, as the coaches, are also ‘downloading’ from the foreign coaches who have come.

“They are giving us new ideas on how football on the international level is played.

“I would like to thank the Unilever guys who made this possible,” Pasuwa said.

The talent search is sponsored by Unilever under the Shield deodorant brand.