Results: CSC – Quarterfinals

Follow Soccer24’s live coverage of quarterfinal action in the 2018 Chibuku Super Cup.


Dynamos 1-1 Herentals (Dynamos win 5-4 on penalties.)

  • A. Majarira denied by Chinyani, Dynamos win the shootouts.
  • Machazane converts for Dynamos, 5-4
  • Kamhungu denied by Chinyani, Dynamos survive, 4-4
  • P. Dube converts for Dynamos, 4-4
  • Chota converts for Herentals, 3-4
  • Marufu converts for Dynamos, 3-3
  • Hachiro converts for Herentals, 2-3
  • Kumwala converts for Dynamos, 2-2
  • Kapumha converts for Herentals, 1-2
  • Blessing Moyo converts for Dynamos, 1-1
  • Blessing Majarira converts for Herantals, 0-1
  • E. Mandiranga hits the woodwoork, advantage to Herentals.

90′ Two minutes added.

90′ Dynamos get a free kick in a good position, wasted.

89′ Herentals Sub: Kapumha comes in for I. Benza.

88′ Dynamos get a free -kick in a promising position, B. Moyo flights it into the box, Herentals clear.

85′ Dynamos Sub: Mandiranga comes in for Q. Kangadzi.

83′ Herentals Sub: T. Benza comes in for B. Majarira.

80′ Yellow Card to G. Saunyama (Dynamos).

70′ Herentals get a free kick in promising position, Benza steps but it poorly taken as the wall blocks it.

63′ Herentals Sub: Mhungu comes in for G. Chinobva.

61′ Herentals break away and Brighton Majarira at the end of it but skies his effort over.

59′ Dynamos pick up momentum as the get a corner which Mukambi fails to connect.

55′ Dynamos Sub: V. Kadonzvo comes in for K. Dhemere, G. Saunyama comes in for M. Mukumba.

48′ Match temporarily stopped after Brighton Majarira is injured on the head.

45′ Two minutes added.

32′ Goal!!! Blessing Majarira equalises from the spot after Jimmy Tigere hacked down him in the box.

30′ Yellow Card to J. Tigere and G. Mukambi (Dynamos).

29′ Herentals get a free kick in a promising position but it’s wasted.

25′ Goal!!! Quality Kangadzi puts Dynamos in the lead after a great build up.

22′ Herentals break away and Majarira is at the end of the attack but his header is superbly saved by Chinani for corner kick.

20′ Dynamos slowly coming into the game as they continue to attack.

15′ P. Dube delivers a good cross but K. Dhemere fails to connects properly as his header goes off target.

12′ Majarira with a shot but Chinani saves the ball.

10′ Dynamos break away but Mukumba’s cross finds no takers in the box, they regrouped again but the Students clear their lines.

8′ Herentals controlling proceedings as they get another corner kick which is cleared by Mukambi.

4′ Herentals get another corner kick, wasted.

2′ Herentals get a corner kick but Mavhurume heads wide.

Dynamos XI: S. Chinani, G. Mukambi, P. Dube, M. Machazane, J. Tigere, M. Mukumba, J. Marufu, K. Dhemere, Q. Kangadzi, K. Kumwala.

Herentals XI: F. Kuchineyi, A. Majarira, C. Mavhurume, Blessing Majarira, W. Chimbetu, G. Chinobva, I. Benza, B. Maunganidze, R. Hachiro, P. Chota, Brighton Majarira.

Triangle United 5-1 Nichrut

90′ Goal!!! Delic Murimba makes it five for Triangle.

75′ Goal!!! Triangle make it four through Madamombe.

66′ Goal!!! Ralph Kawondera scores for Triangle to make it three.

51′ Goal!!! Nichrut pulls one back through Washington Pakamisa.

35′ Goal!!! Collins Dhuwa doubles the lead after being set up by Nhamo.

21′ Goal!!! Russel Madamombe gives United the lead off an assist from Lameck Nhamo.


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