Dynamos coach Lloyd Chigowe wants to usher in a number of graduates from the club’s juniors if given the mandate to lead again next year.

Chigowe believes there is a brilliant crop of talented players who can change the fortunes of the club in the next campaign.

“There are a lot of talented players who can do well next season if given a chance. For all these years I have been working with them, I have seen that most of them can easily fit in the premiership,” he said.

“There should be a fierce competition for places. Only those who are serious about wearing the Dynamos jersey will remain, but there should be an overhaul.

“I can’t say much, in fact, I shouldn’t be saying what I am saying because I haven’t been given the job yet. I am just here on an interim basis,” added Chigowe.

Highlanders also had a similar approach this season, introducing a number of products from their juniors.