Gift Banda who was disqualified from taking part in the coming Zifa elections says he will approach the court after the association turned down his appeal against the ruling.

Banda had put his name for nomination for the Vice-presidency but was disqualified because suspension he is currently serving.

In a letter sent to the Zifa CEO Joseph Mamutse on Monday, Banda said that he is also taking the matter to FIFA.

“I have noted with regret that you have since usurped the mandate of the Zifa Electoral Appeals Committee for known to yourself,” the letter reads.

“Your conduct borders on a violation of my constitutional rights as a citizen of Zimbabwe. You have chosen to unilaterally deny me my right to appeal against a ruling by the Zifa Electoral Committee.

“I, by a copy of this letter, hereby advise you that I am now approaching higher offices on the one hand and the courts on the other.”

Banda was disqualified together with Felton Kamambo who was going for the presidency and Mlungisi Moyo.