Magaya assaults player

PHD Ministries founder and owner of Premier League side Yadah FC, Walter Magaya on Friday assaulted a player for ‘ marking’ him.

Magaya attacked Tendai Japajapa of Friendly Academy during a training match at Alex Sports Club after the player had marked him the ‘game situation way’.

“I have never known that environment of such prophets like Magaya who can be that abusive. Handiende futi padhuze navo, ndaisaziva kuti Prophet Magaya havamakwe mubhora saka ini ndaenda kukona ndikavamaka ndikahwinha bhora. (I won’t go near him again. I didn’t know Prophet Magaya should not be marked in a game, so I went to him and took the ball away.)

“Ndahwinha bhora, vabva vandidhonza vakati iwe mupfanha kakechitwo uchindimaka ndokuma**sa . Vabva vandirova mbama, vamwe vavo vabva vamhanya kupindira kwakutanga kundirova. (After winning the ball, he pulled me back and slapped me before his entourage joined him.)

“Nobody from my side got involved, and I was later forced to go and apologise to Prophet Magaya for marking him,” said Japajapa.

Nevertheless, Japajapa later made a report to the police and went to the media with his case. However, it was swept under the carpet by the mainstream media houses as they were bribed not to publish the story.

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