Mighty Warriors’ road to 2020 Olympics – All fixtures and possible opponents

Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, South Africa and Equatorial Guinea will start their 2020 Olympics qualifiers in the second round after receiving byes.

The Mighty Warriors who made their first appearance at the event in 2016 will face Zambia who progressed through after Angola withdrew from participating in qualifiers. Should the national women’s team go past their northern neighbours, it will meet South Africa provided that they also go beyond the second round.

The preliminary ties are scheduled to take place in April 2019, with the first and second leg ties coming between April 1-9. The second and third round matches also involving the teams drawn bye are scheduled to be played in September and October 2019 respectively.

Highlighted in red indicates the Mighty Warriors’ possible opponents in the next round.

First Round
1. Côte D’Ivoire vs Sierra Leone (Sierra Leone disqualified, Cote d’Ivoire advances)
2. Mali vs Morocco
3. Algeria vs Chad
4. Ethiopia vs Uganda
5. Tanzania vs Congo DR
6. Gabon vs Congo
7. Malawi vs Mozambique
8. Angola vs Zambia (Angola withdraw, Zambia advance)
9. Botswana vs Namibia
(Both first and second legs to be played from 1 – 9 April 2019)

Second Round
10. Win. 1 vs Win 2
11. Win. 3 vs Nigeria
12. Win. 4 vs Cameroon
13. Win. 5 vs Equatorial Guinea
14. Win. 6 vs Ghana
15. Win. 7 vs Kenya
16. Zambia vs Zimbabwe
17. Win. 9 vs South Africa
(Both first and second legs to be played from 26 August – 3 September 2019)

Third Round
18. Win. 10 vs Win. 11
19. Win. 12 vs Win. 13
20. Win. 6/Ghana vs Win. 7/Kenya
21. Zimbabwe/Zambia vs S.Africa/Win 9
(Both first and second legs to be played from 30 September – 8th October 2019)

Fourth Round
22. Win. 18 vs Win. 19
23. Win. 20 vs Win. 21
(Both first and second legs to be played from 4 – 12 November 2019)

Fifth Round
24. Win. 22 vs Win. 23
(Both first and second legs to be played from 13 January – 9 February 2020)

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