FC Platinum are assessing some foreign players, coach Norman Mapeza has confirmed.

The Zimbabwe champions are seeking to reinforce their squad as they face a busy a campaign with the CAF Champions League coming later in the year.

Speaking on Thursday without giving the names of the players, Mapeza said: “When we are talking of foreigners, we talk of someone who can bring something different from what we have here.

“It’s true we have some guys we are assessing at the moment, but we always look for quality. We have to look for someone who will give us more, so it’s still work in progress. We are still monitoring those guys, and if they impress we can sign them.

“As free agents, I don’t think we can have problems registering them.”

FC Platinum currently have one foreigner in their squad – Cameroonian striker Albert Eonde who joined the team at the end of 2017.