Zifa has announced when the Youth leagues will start after getting the equipment to use during the campaign.

The association held their annual general meeting on Saturday and agreed on starting the competitions in August.

According to Zifa, the equipment which includes balls, cones and bibs has been purchased and is ready for distribution to all affiliates. The football body will also avail a total amount of RTG$820 000 from its FIFA funding to be distributed among the members of the youth leagues.

The move is part of the efforts to achieve the ultimate goal of total football development in the country.

Zifa’s Executive Committee also resolved to launch an online database called MyZIFA in order to curb age cheating in local football.

Another decision made at the congress is to put on hold plans to shift the kick-off dates of the PSL season in 2020, agreeing the changeover will only happen after research and consultations with clubs have been concluded.

The PSL had proposed to align the football season with that of CAF which now starts in August and end in May, the following year.