CAPS United would want to capitalise on their big match against Chicken Inn this coming weekend and generate more revenue from gate takings after raising the charges.

The Green Machine revealed on Wednesday that the cost of running a match has increased and has of late left the club reeling from losses.

“The cost of running a match has escalated, and became substantially burdening and extremely unbearing,” the club said in a statement.

“Such costs accumulate right from the build-up of the match, the match itself and the after-match obligations.

“The expenses have made it difficult of late for clubs to Break-Even, and in most cases losses are inevitable.”

As a counter move, the Harare giants have urged their supporters to attend home matches. They have also doubled the entrance fee for their next home game, against the Gamecocks.

The cheapest ticket has been pegged at $10 while VIP is going for $20 and $30 for the VVIP.

“We are therefore appealing to our beloved fans to come in their numbers and rally behind the team.

“By them attending and of course in their numbers, it means they are financially contributing and supporting us,” said the club.