Warriors team manager Wellington Mpandare says they remain hopeful of securing Macauley Bonne a Zimbabwean passport before the deadline for player registration for Afcon.

Zifa approached the government a few months ago to facilitate the process which has been stalled by the new government laws which require the player to renounce his British citizenship first.

Speaking in an interview with The Herald from the national team’s camp in Durban, South Africa, the manager said chances for the star to obtain his passport before the Tuesday deadline next week were 50-50.

“As the national team, we remain hopeful that Bonne will have his papers before the registration deadline so that we can register him.

“However, as I speak, I am with the Warriors in Durban and I hope the papers are moving.

“I am normally the one who pushes for progress, so since I am away from Zimbabwe, chances are slimmer that we will be able to get the passport in time for AFCON, but we remain hopeful,” said Mpandare.