Warriors fan travelling to Egypt for the Afcon tournament by road, Alvin Zhakata’s South Africa counterpart Botha Msila will not finish the road trip to Cairo, Egypt and has decided to return home to find another option.

Zhakata and Msila had taken a road adventure across Africa from Cape Town but failed to pass through Ethiopia due to new visa requirements. They have been stuck on the Kenyan side of the border for the past three days.

The duo tried to apply for online visas on Friday but the documents are yet to be processed.

A frustrated Msila posted a video on Twitter on Sunday where he expressed his disappointment in failing to finish their trip. He says he is now returning to Nairobi, Kenya where he hopes to get another mode of transport to Egypt or fly back home to South Africa.

Zhakata, however, says he will be patient and try to finish the road trip.

Here is the video.