Follow our live coverage of the 2020 CHAN second leg, second round qualifying match between Zimbabwe and Mauritius.



90′ Yellow Card to Jaure.

89′ Katema’s header crashes against the bar.

85′ Goal!!!! Dube gets his hat-trick after a beautiful interplay from the centre.

80′ Dube sends a good cross into the box, no takers and Mavhunga picks the loose ball but misses the target by inches.

78′ Zim Sub: Kawondera replaces Madzongwe.

73′ Yellow card to Madzongwe.

69′ Zim Sub: Katema replaces Bamusi.

67′ Goal!!!! Dube heads home to send Zim in the lead.

62′ Nekati gets the space but his shot misses the target.

55′ A cagey affair in the opening minutes of the second half.

48′ Zim Sub: Augusto comes in for Tigere.

47′ Mauritius with a quick counter but Zimbabwe back-line reacts quickly.

45+1′ Prince Dube beats his marker from the left side and sends a good cross but Tigere fails to connect.

45′ One minute added.

41′ Dube and Tigere interplays each other and sets up Mavhunga whose shot towards the goal is blocked.

34′ Corner-kick to Zim, taken into the box but no takers.

30′ Zim taking the game to Mauritius as they keep on mounting the pressure with Dube menacing in Mauritius half.

24′ Zim comes again with slow build-up as Tigere strikes on goal but keeper denies him. Corner-kick and Ndlovu takes it but keeper saves it.

21′ Zim breaks away with Dube who sets up Bamusi but can’t reach for the ball as the keeper thwarts the danger.

19′ Another corner-kick to Zim, Ndlovu takes it and keeper collects.

15′ Goal!!!! Prince Dube scores for Zimbabwe after picking up the loose ball from a cleared corner-kick and strikes home a beautiful effort to equalise.

15′ Zim get another corner-kick, Ndlovu takes it poorly.

10′ Zimbabwe trying to respondĀ  and they get their third corner-kick but no threat at the end of it.

3′ Goal!!! Andrew Aristide gives Mauritius an early lead after Zimbabwe’s defence was caught napping.

Warriors XI: A.Sibanda, I.Nekati K.Madzongwe, L.Mavunga, P.Muduhwa, X.Ndlovu, N.Tigere, N.Masuku, P.Jaure, P.Bamusi, P.Dube.

Mauritius XI: Foolchand, Sophie, Francois, Gentil, Roussety, Aristide, Yee Chiu, Rouge, Christopher, Philibert, Milazar.