I’m still young, I will have my chance with the Warriors: Kadewere

In-form Le Havre striker Tino Kadewere says he is still young and his chance to shine with the senior men’s national soccer team, the Warriors, will come.

The 23-year-old, who has set the French Ligue 2 ablaze with nine goals from the opening six games, breaking a record which stood for eight years in the process, has often been criticized by some for not transforming his European form to the gold and green Warriors strip, something which he says is inevitable.

“I think it is only a matter of time and chance. I am still young, so I am still praying and hoping that one day I will shine for the Warriors and make Zimbabwean people proud,” Kadewere said according to The Sunday Mail. 

“I have faith. I am sure that will happen.”

“It’s all about hard work, prayers and determination. I have set goals for myself that I will not be free to mention but I thank God everything is going the way I hoped for because I have always had dreams since I was a little boy,” added the former Harare City man.

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