Gift Kamuriwo has been sacked as the Black Rhinos team manager following a match-fixing incident in the 3-0 defeat to Herentals last month.

Kamuriwo confessed to the Rhinos executive board that he received money from a Herentals official to influence the outcome of the game.

The former Warriors player revealed this following internal investigations after the club bosses raised a red flag.

Both the technical team and players were summoned for questioning by their officials and the investigations pointed to a match- fixing scam.

Rhinos secretary-general, Wellington Mabiginye confirmed the developments in an interview with the Herald.

“These things happened, I think some three weeks ago, but as a club we have been doing our internal investigations because we didn’t want to tarnish anyone’s image by rushing to conclusions,’’ he said.

“Our team manager confessed to taking the bribe and he has been sacked for that.

“But that is just part of the disciplinary action in motion. Usually, as the army, we don’t have to involve police when we encounter such mischief.

“We have our own processes which may still find someone going to Chikurubi if convicted.”

Mabiginye also said they were taking the matter to the Premier Soccer League for further investigations.

“We have high standards to maintain and football should be a clean sport,” he said.

“We have no jurisdiction over the other club, so we are taking up the matter with the PSL.’’