The fallout between Gabriel Nyoni and his wife Chivaraidzo Mukome has attracted massive public attention and it’s not looking good for the Maritzburg United winger.

Mukome posted on Twitter over the weekend, claiming that if she turns up dead, her husband should be the one to answer.

She said: “If I wake up dead please ask Gabriel Nyoni and use my phone as evidence. I shall not say much.”

Though details are still sketchy why the couple clashed, it’s alleged the wife ran away with $US 10 000 and this angered the player.

However, South African media has already taken it as an issue of abuse on the wife’s side.

A Jo’burg-based publication said Mukome’s post “paints Nyoni as an abusive man who is capable of killing”.

The newspaper also claimed the message “detailed signs woman should look out for when trying to spot abusive men”.

This is just bad for the 27-year old who is still trying to make a name for himself in the south of Limpopo, having moved there at the start of the 2020 season.

Not only talking of the humiliation the former CAPS United and Highlanders star could suffer, a tainted image and sever reproach lies ahead of him.

The way it has been reported in South Africa will certainly put an enormous huddle on his way up.

The country doesn’t take women abuse lightly, worse death threats, due to a sharp increase in femicide cases.

Meanwhile, Nyoni is yet to comment on the alleged accusations by Mukome.