Jere confident league will eventually roar into life

Premier Soccer League chairman Farai Jere is confident that the local top flight will eventually kick off amid the coronavirus crisis.

A dark cloud of uncertainty is hanging over most football leagues in the world as the global pandemic has wrecked havoc, with authorities struggling to find a way to finish them in the wake of it’s escalation.

In sharp contrast, the local league hasn’t even started, a scenario which has kept football fans guessing on whether or not it will roar into life, concerns which Jere has calmed.

“At the moment, it’s no longer a sectoral issue but a Government issue because it’s something that is being looked at national and global levels,” the CAPS United supremo told The Herald. 

“COVID-19 came as a surprise to the whole world. No one ever expected we could all be caught up in such a situation. We were all not prepared but now we are beginning to see people working around the crisis. That’s why you see some governments are beginning to gradually unlock key sectors of the economy.”

“So, we will be following, we will see what’s going to happen and we are quite positive that at some point football is going to played this season, obviously with some strict measures which we would need to adhere to as responsible people,” he added.


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