Liverpool Council has officially started investigations to determine whether there is any link between the Champions League encounter at Anfield Stadium on March 14 and a spike in Covid-19 cases and deaths in the city and region.

More than 3,000 Atletico Madrid fans travelled from the Spanish capital – where there was an acute outbreak of the disease at the time – to Liverpool on that date for the match.

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson has commissioned the city’s new public health director, Matt Ashton, who will be working with local universities to try and ascertain whether there is a direct link.

Speaking to Liverpool Echo newspaper, Mr Anderson said: “I have asked Matt Ashton and his team to conduct a full investigation into any potential link between that match and the situation with coronavirus in the city.

“We want to come to a view as to whether that decision had an impact on the people of this city and I’ve asked Matt to work with the universities to see if the data can give us an indication of that.

“I said at the time that the fact that the Madrid fans were unable to attend matches in their home city but could travel to a game in Liverpool was absurd, but the government and UEFA decided the game should go ahead.

“We now want to find out what impact that had in the city.”